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News 2014

EUMA 40th anniversary celebrations in Paris

The EUMA 40th anniversary celebrations have now taken place in Paris with lots of festivities and recognitions.

23 members from Sweden attended the Annual Conference “The E factor – maximizing your potential to reach professional excellence” and also the Annual General Meeting.

At the AGM Chantal Sneijkers (Belgium) was elected deputy Chairman, Gina Theofilidou (Greece) Public Relations Officer and Maria Riscado from Sweden was elected deputy Treasurer 2015-2016.

Congratulations, Maria!!!

New Corporate Member

Welcome to our new Corporate Member - VIA Egencia!

VIA Egencia improves your travel experience through modern and innovative travel technologies and services. Globally integrated technologies, local service, modern mobile solutions and an extensive offer makes the business travel easier.

Read more on www.viaegencia.se or on our Corporate Members page.

EUMA training on workshop methods

During the spring, our Corporate Member Svenska Möten has carried out training on different workshop methods in three of our four EUMA Sweden regions.
Take a look the film from one of the workshops.

EUMA Sweden contributes to planting a rainforest!

EUMA Sweden has received a fantastic 40th anniversary gift from our preferred partner Nordic Choice Hotels. Take a look at it here.

Every second the earth loses an area of rainforest the size of two football fields with tragic consequences for both developing and industrial countries. Rainforest Rescue's Plant a Rainforest projects replant previously cleared areas of rainforest and establish habitat for the plants and animals endemic to the specific ecosystem, which protects its precious biodiversity. This biodiversity maintains our atmosphere and establishes the ecosystem upon which all of humanity depends, including rainfall generation and climate regulation. Rainforests also hold the key to new medicines of benefit to humankind.

We are very grateful to Nordic Choice Hotels for this valuable gift and we are very proud that our network can contribute to the global cause.

Check out the EUMA history page!

Have you seen our new EUMA history page?

Here you can find the jubilee publications from 1999 (25 years) and 2014 (40 years), as well as the film that was created for the 40th anniversary in March 2014?

Those of you who have been members for some time - take a trip down the memory lane and those of you who are new - you should be impressed and inspired!

VårRuset 2014

Also this year EUMA Sweden participatds in the race VårRuset from Malmö in the south to Luleå in the north!

First ws Malmö on May 5, then Gothenburg May 12, Stockholm May 26 and last was Luleå June 2. Our Corporate Member PeGe Promotion once again kindly sponsored us with fantastic t-shirts.

More information: www.varruset.se and our Events page.

Embrace the future!

The EUMA Sweden 40th anniversary celebrations are over, but the memories will live for a long time. Around 120 assistants from all parts of Sweden - and also from Norway, Finland and Germany - took part in the celebrations.

You can read more about the seminar in ProActive No 43.

Enjoy the EUMA 40 years film and the greetings from our founder Sonia Vanular and the National Chairmen from Norway, Finland and Denmark

A big THANK YOU to project manager Elena Aylott and her team for arranging this jubilee!

New Corporate Member

We welcome Villa Källhagen as new Corporate Member of EUMA Sweden. Villa Källhagen is beautifully situated by the water and only a short walk from central Stockholm. They can offer unforgettable surroundings for conferences and celebrations, a world-class restaurant and an excellent boutique hotel.
Read more about them on our Corporate Members page.

The daily life of an assistant

EUMA member and Office Professional Award winner 2014 Maria Gottberg has started a blog about her life as assistant, secretary and side-kick:


New Corporate Member

We welcome Skånska Möten as new Corporate Member of EUMA Sweden. Skånska Möten is a booking agent of conferences and a stand-alone network of around 50 high-quality conference venues and meeting places in Skåne (Scania).
Read more about them here.

And the winner is...

...Maria Riscado from Volvo Group Trucks Operations!
Maria participated in the competition in connection with the EUMA Sweden 40th anniversary and won spa products from Comwell Varbergs Kurort.



EUMA at exhibitions

For the first time you have been able to meet EUMA Sweden at an exhibition. On January 29-30 we participated with a booth at the Meeting & Events exhibition in Malmö and on February 5-6 at Konfex & Events in Gothenburg, which both are important exhibitions within the travel and conference business.

In co-operation with SBTA (Swedish Business Travel Association) we also arranged seminars in connection with the exhibitions.

Read more (in Swedish).

Office Professional Award 2014

The winner of the Office Professional Award 2014 is Maria Gottberg and the winner of Nordic Choice Upcoming Professional of the year is Jeanette Tyllström.


Read more on www.officeprofessional.se

Here you can read an interview with Maria Gottberg.

Read the blog from "Vidgade Vyer" on February 13-14

For the third year in a row EUMA members Kristina Fagerholm and Elena Aylott were blogging from Företagsuniversitetet's conference Vidgade Vyer and you could follow them through two exciting and comprehensive days at http://vidgadevyer.foretagsuniversitetet.se/

And the winner is....

CONGRATULATIONS to Marie Eklinder from Rockwell Automation who won the competition in our EUMA stand at the "Möten&Events Öresund" exhibition in Malmö!

GRATTIS till Marie Eklinder från Rockwell Automation som vann tävlingen i EUMAs monter på Möten&Events Öresund den 29-30 januari! Marie kom närmast när det gällde att gissa hur många gem som fanns i burken. Hennes gissning var 378 gem - rätt svar var 367 st! Vår fina EUMA brevkkniv är på väg till dig med posten!