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2013-09 Else-Britt from Sweden - candidate for European Chairman

Else-Britt Lundgren from Sweden - candidate for European Chairman

Former EUMA Sweden National Chairman, presently EUMA Sweden Training Officer, Else-Britt Lundgren is one of the candidates for the European Chairman that will be elected at the Annual General Meeting in London on October 5.


About Else-Britt

Else-Britt is the Executive Assistant and Office Manager to the Managing Director of Northern Europe of Eli Lilly Sweden AB.

She joined EUMA in 1995 and has held different positions:
- National Training Officer Sweden 2007-
- National Chairman Sweden 2008-2012
- National Vice Chairman Sweden 2006-2008
- National Secretary Sweden 2004-2006

She has described how she can contribute to the Association as follows:

  • I will lead with strong engagement and creativity.
  • I will encourage and implement new initiatives for recruiting new members.
  • I will monitor trends in our profession in order to ensure that EUMA is a modern active professional network.
  • I will do my best to ensure strong cooperation and exchange among EUMA member countries.
  • I will work hard to make the association and our profession more visible.
  • I will encourage using social media more actively in order to reach out to different target-groups.
  • I will encourage our members to share good practices and to inspire each other.
  • I will ensure that our EUMA webpage is the core communication channel both for our members and for the other visitors.