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Application for Individual Membership

Personal Details


Private address:




Mobile Phone:

Private E-mail Address:


Date of Birth:

(Indicate level of fluency: 
F= fluent, G= Good, B= Basic)

Preferred Address for Mailing:

Invoicing address (if not your private above or business below):

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Professional Details

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Number employed:

Your present position:

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Position of your manager:

Description of present duties:

What are your expectations from EUMA?

How did you get to know about EUMA (European Management Assistants)?

In what way do you think you can contribute to the aims of EUMA?

   Membership fee will be paid by me 
         (invoice will be sent to your private address)

   Membership fee will be paid by my company 
         (invoice will be sent to your company address)

Curriculum Vitae

To complete your application, please upload your CV (preferably as a Word or Acrobat document).
You can also upload a pdf version of your LinkedIn profile.

If you do not have an updated CV, you will find an example here.

Declaration by the applicant

I wish to apply for membership of European Management Assistants and declare that the statements made herein are correct to the best of my knowledge, and agree to comply with the aims of European Management Assistants.