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2013-05: Recruitment Campaign paid off

EUMA Sweden recruitment campaign paid off

A red airplane landed at the table in front of me. The text on the sides said “You won – congratulations – time to book your flight ticket to attend the EUMA Training day in Madrid”.

What a happy moment it was indeed!

I am the Convener for the EUMA South region in Sweden, and was just in the middle of a meeting in our EUMA network when the Chairman for EUMA Sweden, Lillemor Karlsson, sent me the airplane to tell me that I - and EUMA South - had won the recruitment game of new members.

It all started early autumn last year, when EUMA and the company GreenHatPeople, initiated a cooperation. The goal was clear: EUMA should try to recruit new members by gamification during a period of four months and GreenHatPeople got the possibility to promote their business idea, for 200 Executive Assistants in Sweden.

GreenHatPeople developed a smartphone app for EUMA, as well as a homepage where we reported our activities during three months:
10 points if you told another Executive Assistant about EUMA. 50 points if you invited an Executive Assistant to one of our network meetings (and he or she actually attended the meeting). 100 points if you recruited a new member. And 200 points if you recruited a male Executive Assistant!

The EUMA Sweden members worked really hard during this period and got a fantastic result; a lot of guests at our meetings, and many new members. And when the game was closed in January, it turned out that I had won the individual competition and EUMA South had won the regional competition!

All over EUMA Sweden we keep on recruiting and in EUMA South we have invited all members for champagne at our first network meeting in 2014 if we continue to recruit more members, at least 5 more, until the end of the year!

The Training Day in Madrid was a fantastic experience! It was my first European meeting, and a great opportunity to meet with other Executive Assistants from Europe, and even from the United States. The theme, Negotiations, was very interesting, and it was a great pleasure to share experiences with assistants from other cultures.

Kristina Cronqvist

EUMA's founder Sonia Vanular with EUMA Sweden members Kristina Cronqvist and Maria Riscado.