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Christina Magnusson has just been appointed as PRO for EUMA Sweden

Christina Magnusson has just been appointed PRO for EUMA Sweden

Christina works as Executive Assistant and Office manager at Bridgepoint, an investment company in Stockholm. Bridgepoint has offices in 10 different cities globally.

Christina joined EUMA in 2012 and besides Board positions in her condominium association, Friday Nov 25th was her first Board meeting for EUMA Sweden

-So what made you accept the position as PRO in EUMA Sweden when asked?

“I like to challenge myself and I see the board work as a brilliant opportunity to get to learn more about EUMA, which, by the way, impresses me more and more, and an excellent way of personal development."

-Your first impressions of the meeting?

"I’m impressed! I had not expected this high level of professional board work and the impressive competencies and creativity among the board members. It’s a privilege to work side by side with my friends in the board to make EUMA Sweden grow as Association, to make our outmost to engage our members, to raise all kinds of issues and to support our members in the best way."

-What will be your prioritized tasks?

"Our profession has never been so complex and the business world never so demanding as it is today. We want our Association to become even more attractive and enticing for new members to join and also be an important forum for new ideas.

One of my most important task will be to make the Association and our profession more visible and more actively to reach out to new important Corporate Members to support us. I will do my best to observe new trends in our profession in order to ensure that we will be a modern active professional network."

We welcome Christina in her new role and are happy to have her energy, professionalism and postive outlook on things in our Board.

EUMA Sweden Board