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New name and brand

I attended a great conference and AGM in Copenhagen in the middle of October. As always, lovely days with EUMA-friends and a lot of important and new knowledge.

But most of all - this year, it was a great pleasure to be a part of a new beginning and historical moment in our network. It was decided at the Annual General Meeting to adopt the new name. From the February 1, 2017 we are IMA (Aj m ej) International Management Assistants and we also introduced the new brand.

You are welcome to spread the news, whenever you have the time and possibility. More information will follow on our website, so stay tuned.

At AGM it was also decided to adopt the new statutes.

It is now time for us to take a big step into the future, to go worldwide and to go blue. To be the number one international network of management support professionals.

Maria Cirillo
National Chairman


Click here to see the video.