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Your Core Genius

Your Core Genius

Each year in October EUMA Sweden arranges autumn seminars in three of our four regions, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.  The program and the lecturer are the same at all three locations. The two main purposes are, firstly of course, to provide our members with a training session on a specific subject, secondly to gain new members. We always try to invite as many potential members as possible. This year about 80 persons took part in Stockholm, out of which 32 were potential members and we also had a guest from EUMA Finland. In Gothenburg 48 persons participated of which 21 were guests and in Malmö 37 persons attended, including 14 guests. 

The event is arranged in cooperation with Nordic Choice Hotels in the different locations, who sponsor the venue.

The evening started with an introductory presentation of EUMA for our many guests and potential members, followed by a presentation of Nordic Choice Hotels. Not only of their hotels but also of their social responsibility program, We Care, maybe not so known to all of us.

After this Malin Dohlwitz-Strindlund, from Coachpower Sweden AB, took the stage. Malin is the co-founder of the company and a professional leadership coach since 1997. Among her clients are many industry leaders and top politicians and also Nordic Choice Hotels, who have worked with her for many years to develop their staff and with their Care program -  We care Guest / We care People /We care Green. She is also an author and a blogger.

The theme for the training was Your Core Genius – to support communication and good meeting structure.

Your potential

What stops you from reaching your potential is the protection and defense layer. This can be negative thoughts, fear, bad gossip in the coffee room, something that lower your energy. Malin calls it “slime”. Stop listening to the “slime”!

Malin’s main focus area for obtaining wellbeing and reaching your goals and to reach the positive stress that makes you develop, be creative etc is physical training, mainly running.
If you cannot run or do any other physical training, you can do something creative like painting.

The better goals you put up, the better leadership you have and the better wellbeing you obtain.

80% of Malin’s customers are women. According to her men are more scared of changes.  A question was raised whether women also have more “slime” to go through than men and according to Malin women are more extrovert and men more introvert. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that women have more “slime”.

“Lead through tough love”.

Malin’s thesis is “Lead through tough love”. Say what you need to say, but with empathy. This drives the process forward. Tell yourself that you are competent and it will show on the outside!

Step outside your comfort zone. Life is happening outside your comfort zone!

Core genius

To reach your core genius you have to develop your strengths instead of strengthening your weaknesses.


Incompetent – things you don’t want to do. What gives you a bad stomach feeling.

Competent – someone else does this a lot better.

Excellent – things you do well but find boring

Core genius – what you should focus on!

To reach result

Energy    Action    Result

To increase the energy: complete tasks, throw away stuff, physical training and nourishing food

Take action: high impact – high income, be inspiring and brave

To reach result: have a clear goal!

Malin opinion is that we put too much effort on those who don’t know what they want and those who don’t want to do things. Focus on those who want instead!

More info at: www.coachpower.se

For more pictures from the events in the different locations please click here.

Kristina Fagerholm
National PRO EUMA Sweden