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Changing Tracks

Changing tracks

Cecilia Borghoff

Did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up? I still don’t, but that doesn’t stop me from moving forward and taking on new challenges. I have recently taken a rather big leap and taken on a new position at work.

I have worked as an assistant for 22 years and have been pretty happy with my career. I’ve worked in different industries (Armed Forces, IT, Pharmaceutical) and in different roles (project administrator, marketing assistant, assistant to CEO). But the last few years I started to feel like I’ve done it all (not true of course, but you know what I mean) and I felt I needed a change.

The first step towards that change was becoming the regional convener for EUMA East in Sweden. That step felt really big and a bit scary. Suddenly I had to do things I really was not used to, like leading a team and talking in front of a lot of people. And being outside your comfort zone is where the magic (as in development) happens!

EUMA is a fantastic network where you can meet and learn from your peers. For me EUMA has been very important in getting more confident in my role as an assistant, learning and being inspired by others both professionally and personally.

But still I felt I wanted to do more, so I changed employer almost 2 years ago and started working for GE Healthcare. I was lucky enough to get a manager who early on recognized that I was interested and experienced enough to take on responsibilities outside the traditional tasks.

It is an uncertain world we live in and after a year I had lived through my first reorganization. My manager got a new job within the organization and I wasn’t sure my position was still needed. However, my manager and I kept up the discussion regarding my future and suddenly there was an opening available and I was offered the position.

Life really can turn 180 degrees in one minute! I got a call at 20:00 on a Friday night from the manager of one of the teams and she told me that one of my colleagues had decided to leave the company and would I be interested in taking on that role? If so, could I be in Boston on Monday?

The answer to those questions is of course YES!

The role in question was as CRM Operational Leader. I had an idea what the position entailed since I had been working with our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system a bit and felt somewhat confident I could do it. I have always been very interested in IT matters so I felt this job would actually suit me very well.

My new responsibilities are (among other things):
* Communicate with IT to ensure user problems are solved swiftly and that new users, accounts and products are uploaded.
* Train new users and support with user problems/questions.
* Together with Global CRM work out processes and discuss new features and upgrades.          
* Circulate opportunity reports (region, global, products) to relevant stakeholders (bi-weekly). 

I have worked in my new position for about five months now and I love it! As usual, it is the people that really make a workplace enjoyable and I’m fortunate to work with fantastic people. But the tasks themselves are very interesting and also challenging. One thing I have realized about myself during this transition is that I get bored easily and that this change was exactly what I needed. This role with its different challenges keeps me on my toes and the really great part is that I’m learning new things all the time. I really feel that I live one of GE’s core beliefs, which is “Learn and adapt to win”.

Cecilia Borghoff